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The truth about marijuana, mental illness and violence that has been denounced as alarmist and inaccurate by many in the scientific and medical communities. Alex berenson born january 6, 1973 is a former reporter for the new york times and the author of several thriller novels and a book on corporate financial filings. The midnight house by alex berenson is a very well crafted philosophical action thriller. Jan 01, 2010 englishesperantoenglish dictionary ebook written by john christopher wells. Abram hoffer and humphry osmond consider the effect to be similar to lsd and mescaline psychotomimetic. With each book alex berensons idiosyncratic invention, john wells, a us secretops agent and convert to islam, finds himself getting older and fighting harder for higher stakes in a novel that earns your attention and delivers an intriguing catch at the end. From the beginning, we are introduced to john wells, the protagonist and hero of berenson s novel. His first novel, the faithful spy, was released in april 2006 and won an.

Maybe its time for spy hero john wells to call it quits. John wells bestselling author alex berenson has created a hero like no other in john wells, his series protagonist who has starred in ten novels to date. A wellrounded life by john campbell is a very good book documenting the political, professional and private lives of roy jenkins. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. John wells is a professor of management practice in the strategy unit at harvard business school where he teaches the first year core course in strategy and his own second year elective course on strategic innovation and change. Join facebook to connect with john wells and others you may know. Helen wells books list of books by author helen wells. Here are three of the best books of the series featuring john wells, they all have four stars or higher and are an exhilarating, nervewrecking read. The ending is an enticing setup for the next book in the series. The pacing is a bit slow, but the story nevertheless holds your attention. They are very different from the movies and some of my all time favorites. American author alex berenson has penned the excellent series of books starring cia agent john wells. Cia operative john wells is in a running battle with an enemy that may have already won the war.

I cannot stress enough that the books about john wells are a must read for any fan of spy fiction. The film stars john wayne in one of his most iconic roles as sgt. Soon wells, too, is unsure whom to trust in saudi arabia or in washington. Thanks to john wells for offering up his fine newburyport home and paul bevilacqua for his managerial prowess in putting together the now annual amesbury mens book clubs annual christmas gala. Accents of english is about the way english is pronounced by different people in diffeent places. This is new york times bestseller alex berensons eighth gripping spy novel featuring excia agent john wells. Im having a problem with a government agency, need legal help, want to schedule a meeting or white house tour, or have another question. Any books similar to tv shows like homeland, house of cards, madame secretary, state of affairs. The order of the john wells books, in publication and chronological order, is. As is well known, the men of amesbury do not need any me too movement or anything of the like to include women in their book club. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read englishesperantoenglish dictionary. Wells spends several years inside al quaeda in afghanistan. At an istanbul hotel, an informant tells the cia that iranian forces intend to kill a station chief. Tips for buying used books online from a denver bookstore owner reading list.

After graduating from yale university in 1994 with degrees in history and economics, he joined the denver post as a reporter. Though his wounds have healed, his mind is far from clear. If you like daniel silva the seattle public library. Now its time for him to pay, and wells has made it his personal mission.

However, i really enjoy those fastpaced political drama like homeland, house of cards, madame secretary and recently state of affairs. View more historical records for john wells people with similar attributes to john wells gathered from those who lived during the same time period, were born in the same place, or who have a family name in common. The books are a great series of spy fiction novels, and if youre into espionage books youll no doubt love john wells. Herbert george wells was born at atlas house, 162 high street in bromley, kent, on 21 september 1866. Former cia agent john wells confronts a plot of astonishing audacity as new york timesbestselling author alex berenson. The shadow patrol is the first alex berenson book i have read. So far there are six books available, with at least two more books on the way. Mar 26, 2009 this is new york times bestseller alex berensons eighth gripping spy novel featuring excia agent john wells. John puller, will robie and king and maxwell series by david baldacci.

Former cia agent john wells confronts a plot of astonishing audacity as new york timesbestselling author alex berenson goes beyond todays headlines to tomorrows alltooreal. John wells has just barely managed to stop an operation designed to drive the united states and iran into war, but the instigator himself disappeared behind an impenetrable war of security. The secret soldier john wells series book 5 kindle. It is a wellwritten, informative and detailed work chronicling the extraordinary life of the miners son from wales who rose to be probably the most influential politician who did not reach the office of prime. See all books authored by helen wells, including cherry ames, senior nurse, and cherry ames student nurse the cherry ames nursing stories, and more on. Alex berenson was born in new york in 1973 and grew up in englewood, n. Excia agent john wells, an expert in the arab field, is summoned in to investigate, just as the tip comes true. I like david baldaccis oliver stone series, lee childs jack reacher. Books by alex berenson authors like alex berenson what. Need help finding a series similar to vince flynns mitch. Monthly featured books as recommened by hugh hewitt. The john wells books are listed below in chronological order of their publication. The secret soldier, the fifth book in the john wells series, takes the reader behind the scenes inside the saudi royal family, a radical islamist organization bent on jihadi, and the complex web of decisionmaking in which the cia, the nsa, the pentagon, and the white house are all involved when foreign crises erupt. Fans of daniel silvas stylish and complex gabriel allon series may enjoy some of these masterful stories of international intrigue.

The john wells books feature undercover cia agent john wells, and take place after september 11th. Why did the second jack reacher movie diverge from the books it is based on, when the first was so faithful to one shot. Clearly, alex berenson is the next great thriller writer in a long line of successful authors. If youre not reading the pike logan books, then youre missing out on. As each novel begins, a new threat is unleashed and only john wells has the knowledge and expertise to save the united states. More than a decade prior the 15yearold wells, feeling adrift at boarding school, picked up a copy of irvings enchanting comingofage novel the hotel new hampshire. I have been an avid reader of ludlum and clancy for many years and have been missing a similar author whose books are more relevant. John wells about the author business books kogan page. Wells succeeded david cornwell, better known as john le carre. So long, that the cia werent even sure that he was still alive. Vince flynn brad thor lee child robert crais barry eisler david baldacci john sandford tom clancy brian haig daniel silva books by this author.

The latest in the longrunning john wells series the prisoner, 2017, etc. I need help, have a question, or want to schedule a tour. The main characters role is not quite as dominant but the story. John wells has provided a consultancy service for those wishing to register with ordit, advising on training techniques and quality, and worked extensively with the driving instructors register of ireland dir, writing approved training materials as eire moves towards compulsory registration of driving tutors. Buy a cheap copy of the ghost war book by alex berenson. Bestselling author alex berenson has created a hero like no other in john wells, his series protagonist who has starred in ten novels to date. Founded in 1997, has become a leading book price comparison site. The 12 novels of alex berensons thrilling john wells spy series.

Any books similar to tv shows like homeland, house of cards. Books for people who like homeland january 23, 20 11. Goodreads members who liked the faithful spy john wells. The grey man books by mark greaney are newer and pretty good too. Below is a list of all alex berenson books he has written.

An insert in the dvd bernstein and voltaire, written by wells. Stay tuned for more novels chronicling the adventures of john wells. His spy fiction series is very popular, and begins a few weeks after september 11th. Like a holdover from the age of kipling, he dispatches inconvenient natives with swift and manly blows. Need help finding a series similar to vince flynns mitch rapp books. Now, he works to clean up corruption from foreign governments, as well as his own. Dont be like cornwell, he was warned when he arrived in 1961.

John wells, 30, of houston, has been charged with firstdegree murder in the july 23, 2017 shooting death of clarence james humphrey in the front yard of a. Berenson tackles one of todays most controversial topics. It is rare that we get to meet our literary heroes, but in 2010, a young germanswiss writer, benedict wells, approached john irving at a reading in zurich. The family suffered poverty and wells parents did not lead a happy married life. Four friends, recent college graduates, travel to kenya to work at a giant refugee camp for somalis.

Murder suspect charged, three sought in 2017 robbery. Published on february 2008, this is the second book of the john wells series. Sep 21, 2010 new john wells novel available for preorder by bella wright on september 21, 2010 in new book releases, political thriller books, spy thriller books alex berensons the secret soldier. Called bertie in the family, he was the fourth and last child of sarah neal, a former domestic servant, and joseph wells, a former domestic gardener, and at the time a shopkeeper and professional cricketer. If you are a thriller buff who loves suspense, you will enjoy them. Hugh hewitts book club sponsored by penguin random house.

This is the order of john wells books in both chronological order and publication order. A novel john wells series book 1 and millions of other books are available for instant. The movie also features john agar, adele mara, and forrest tucker, was written by harry brown and james edward grant, and directed by allan dwan. Smalltime drug dealer ahmed shakir is tricked into participating in a terrorist attack at a basketball game in dallas and then is blown up along with hundreds of others by 400 pounds of c4 explosive. John wellsmonticello john william wells, 64, of monticello, passed away unexpectedly on sunday, february 16 at 3. I would like to think that john wells is out there as sadly we may need him some day given the scenario in this bookperhaps i should stop reading books about. The first production of this final version, by scottish opera, was followed by a final revised version in 1989, performances of which have been released on cd and dvd. In this novel, when the readers are introduced to john wells, a cia agent who has been undercover with al qaeda for a very long time. What makes wells unique from the other characters in this genre, other than his wisecracking responses and sarcastic tendencies, is that hes a devout and practicing member of islam. Use the alphabetical lists below to look up a favorite book or author and then click see readalikes to discover similar books. Yet john wells is also very much a man for his own time, for the age of collateral. Books for people who like homeland cia spy ask metafilter.

It follows a group of united states marines from training to the battle of iwo jima during world war ii. John wells penetrates al qaeda for ten years until only cia handler jennifer exley believes he is still true blue. This book left me with the feeling that if the cia is run anything like that, its amazing we. They shoveled scrambled eggs in their mouths like they were machines for the. Wells, including the time machine, and the war of the worlds, and more on. Here you can find handpicked readalike recommendations for more than 4000 contemporary books and 3000 authors. The penwith peninsula, at the southwest tip of cornwall, where the painter john wells lived the second half of his long and productive life, was an inspiration to two or three generations of. American author alex berenson is famous for his series if books involving john wells, the cia agent. They eventually separated but neither of them married again. Enter protagonist cia agent john wells to find out exactly what happened at the super secret rendition midnight house, and why the interrogators stationed there are being killed off. Like the ones before it, midnight house is a tightly plotted and wellwritten adult thriller. For fiction, you my try alex beresons john wells series.

I havent been reading much lately and im not sure what kind of books i still enjoy anymore. Nathaniel wells, of wells, was son of john, second son of thomas of ipswich, who married sarah, daughter of francis littlefield, and settled in wells, which. Wells was born in bromley, kent county, england on september 21, 1866 to sarah neil who worked as a maid to the upper class and joseph wells, a professional cricket player and a shopkeeper. Alex berenson born january 6, 1973 is a former reporter for the new york times and the author of several thriller novels and a book on corporate financial filings he is the author of the controversial 2019 book tell your children. The author of the original book, hugh wheeler, had died, and john wells was asked to help revise the text. Englishesperantoenglish dictionary by john christopher. Ive enjoyed all four of alex berensons john wells books.

Volume i provides a synthesizing introduction, which shows how accents vary not only geographically, but also with social class, formality, sex and age. The ghost war john wells series book 2 kindle edition. A john wells novel series alex berenson with his unique ability to infiltrate the arab world, john wells spent the formative years of his cia career under deep cover with alqaeda, his success costing him the trust of his handlers. John wells barely survived his homecoming when it was thought hed become too close to the terrorists.

The series is led by john wells, a legendary cia hero. A crosscultural survey of sexual attitudes and techniques lancer by john warren wells and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. The deceivers a john wells novel book 12 and millions of other books are. Any books similar to tv shows like homeland, house of. The night ranger, by alex berenson the new york times. John wells is introduced in berensons first novel, the faithful spy. Lt general flynn was deposed for four and a half hours to speak to the benghazi commission the deep state, lies, cover ups, collusion and the take down of a true american patriot. The russians dont just want to influence american electionsthey want it all. As a reporter for the new york times, alex berenson has covered topics ranging from the occupation of iraq to the flooding of new orleans to the financial crimes of bernie madoff.

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