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This category is reserved for badly written creepypastas. My name is flint johnson and im writing this to tell you all that eerie episode that i came across as an exclusive viewer at nickelodeon. Steve has to deduce the clues with the help of offscreen children to figure out what blue wants to do. Ok, the quality wasnt great, but better than most of the websites. Its a great show with a lot of mentally stimulating material, but what a lot of. Blues clues sorrow geosheas lost episodes wiki fandom. New mommy by davetheuseless creepypasta lost episodes etc. After buying popcorn and a drink, he gets into a seat, and the show begins. At first, it seemed like a normal blues clues episode, then i thought it was weird when i saw that steve blues costar of the show, was animated. I mean, the show was already lowbudget as is, but the show scene was by far the laziest thing on the shows run. The birds outside the house were chirping, the sun was shining, and the purple and pink mailbox perched on the front lawn was happily smiling to noone in particular. Blue prints unaired 1995 blues clues pilot lost media. Addict by davetheuseless creepypasta lost episodes etc.

Blues clues lost episode by davetheuseless creepypasta lost episodes etc. I usually like to watch tv with my little sister, kimberly. She was only five, so of course, she watched all the cutesy kids shows. Americas funniest videos banned episode creepypasta. For those of you who have never watched it, blues clues is a show for young children that was created in 1996, and lasted for ten years with a total of 6 seasons and 142 episodes. Cartoon creepypasta blues clues blues suicide duration. Instead of the yellow book saying blues clues opening, instead a book titled disability aid for impaired humans is shown.

Blues clues spent many years in development, with its writers experimenting around with different ideas. Theres a story about a lost episode of seinfeld floating around the internet. Unfortunately, half of the scene was replaced with either the blues clues episode or static, and the show scene was pretty bad anyway. This is the ninetysecond creepypasta that was narrated by davetheuseless. Creepypasta fanon wiki is a fandom lifestyle community.

Windows were broken, boards were rotted, and there were holes in. Playing pretend i dont know what to say about this at first i was freaked out but i think somebody should know. While the show became wildly popular, lasting more than a decade, it almost didnt quite get its paws off the ground. Arthur is a kids tv show that has been around since the late 90s, and is still on to this day. The paramount logo came on, as it came on it played the fanfare which is it was the amazing i ever saw. On the chance youve never seen it, people send in their videos of themselves, or friends or family, doing something stupid for the amusement of viewers everywhere. Cartoon creepypasta blues clues lost episode youtube. Cartoon creepypasta blues clues blues suicide youtube. Originating from the 4chan imageboard community, it is a notable example of spaghetti stories that usually start out as a personal anecdote about an embarrassing or socially awkward episode before ending abruptly with a. The creators of these showsmovies would never allow these episodes to exist, yet they do. Cartoon creepypasta blues clues lost episode duration. Around the time of my arrival, adventure time was about to air. This story though, will explain what has soured me from buying other old episodes on tape. Season 2, episode 33 overall monday, october 26, 1998.

Blue is a puppy who puts her pawprints on three clues. Blues clues lost episode the author of this story is schizima. The official story about the episode was that it featured elaine purchasing a firearm after being mugged, but many. Supposedly, the producers of the children s show blue s clues attempted to smuggle a forbidden episode of the show onto the air. Stream blues clues lost episode creepypasta by mrs. Then i thought it was just for that episode, but that was when i noticed that the house was worn down. Users who like blues clues lost episode creepypasta users who reposted blues clues lost episode creepypasta playlists containing blues clues lost episode creepypasta. I continued to watch it and the title screen was grey scale and the title said arthurs suicide. Pages list of blues clues season 1 episodes, list of blues clues season 2 episodes, list of blues clues season 3 episodes, list of blues clues season 4 episodes, list of blues clues season 5 episodes, list of blues clues season 6 episodes. Pages in category creepypasta trying to be serious but fails the following 200 pages are in this category, out of 1,850 total.

Last year, i wrote a lostepisode pasta called blues clues. I grew up with it, and still watch it on weekday mornings when i dont have school. Wallykazam blues clues episode 2 part 1 by xavier ross. We play blues clues to figure out where blue was when she lost her back pack. The clues were intended to be the dog trying to assist steve in things like finding groceries and going to the bathroom. The employees settled down to watch the pilot episode, but what we saw was not the pilot episode. The game master lost 1989 2nd version episode captain sturdy 2001 rare cartoon case of the counterfeit christmas lost treasury men episode, december 20, 1951. This story is based off of an old, unseen mickey mouse episode. A few people claim to have seen it in those 30 seconds, and say that steve was facing the cam.

Moms spaghetti is a baitandswitch copypasta derived from the lyrics of eminems 2002 hit rap single lose yourself. I pop the vhs into the player, the screen was black for about a minute. Fandom apps take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Stories in this category do not belong in the television category.

Blues clues lost episode blues suicide around march 2003, i was happy. Typically, a lost episodestyle creepypasta is written as an anecdote by the author about an unaired or missing episode of a television show they unintentionally found catching it late at night during its first and only airing, finding it on an old vhs tape, or even being part of the production crew or. Here are stories of unreleased episodes of various tv series. Cartoon creepypasta blues clues lost episode cartoon creepypasta blues clues lost episode cartoon creepypasta creepy scary horror. The following is a list of creepypasta that falls under the genre of lost episodes. I am a former intern that used to work at cartoon network. She watched shows like dora, blues clues, and arthur. I gladly accepted and grabbed the footage of the episode. I made sure to avoid the most common cliches with these types of pastas. Guided by a hand saying go back, go back, go back to where you were. Im not sure how to begin my story, but ill do the best i can. The creepypasta subreddit for fans of the genre to post original works, discussions, and more.

Its one of the weirdest, reality based shows that sets examples for kids. With steve burns, traci paige johnson, aleisha allen, marshall claffy. I guess ill start by informing you about the show blues clues. To protect my privacy, i have decided to keep my name anonymous.

Steve north america kevin united kingdom duarte portugal. Pastas in this category do not belong in the television category. Supposedly, the producers of the childrens show blues clues attempted to smuggle a forbidden episode of the show onto the air. In this video we are reading the blues clues cartoon creepypasta called no clues it is. Blues clues lost episode blues suicide creepypasta. So after going through bad quality videos on foreign websites and other sites flooded with ads, i came upon an unofficial website that had full episodes and adfree. The show itself had its first airing in 1996, but many fans are unaware of the unreleased 1995 first episode created with the working title, blue prints. Blue was in cheesy cgi instead of paper animation and when the blues clues house door opened, we see a man that looked nothing like steve, though he was wearing the same clothes as steve. Arthur and francine were practicing for a baseball tournament. Creepypastas from the geosheas creepypasta wiki waynes depression every mycun character killed by wayne in numerous ways. What my youtube channel was created for, was originally to narrate lost episode creepypastas and the like. I thought it was a morbid joke, but later, i was wrong the episode edit. The magical, yellow book of wonder opened up to show a little yellow house with a red roof. This article contains a list of every blues clues episode aired.

Then, the tv bursted with static, and when the episode came back on, steve was back to normal. It was a show about a lonely man who lived in his apartment and seemed to have issues solving very simple dilemmas. It was the same except for when finn and jake pounded fists, the backround was red, not blue. Cartoon creepypasta blues clues lost episode by andaull.

It was supposedly driven on the lore of blues clues. My mom, my dad, my older sister and her meathead boyfriend and i went to tennessee to spend our spring break there. They made her happy and i liked spending time with her. I have posted my story in the spinoff appeal page twice, and it was rejected both times. Now for those of you who dont know what blues clues is, its this childrens show where a little blue dog always wants to do something, like drink milk or whatever, but his friend, steve, never knows what that.

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