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The fender precision bass is the worlds first electric bass, carrying a voice thats gone unchanged since its inception. Precision bass diy construction plans to make a replica or customised version of this classic fender precision bass design. Plain enamel magnet wire, wax coated string protecting the coil, singlecontuctor hookup wires. Differences between fender precision and jazz bass. The p51b as built from our elite guitar plan range, cayton, north yorkshire accurate luthiers construction plans printed at actual size on a huge a0 sheet and recently updated and improved 2017. The precision bass, also known as a pbass, slowly started replacing the use of string bass in recording studios and live performances. The deluxe zone bass came in two versions, american and mexican. Fit diagram there are many p bass guard patterns our unit only fits this one you need this screw hole in this location to use the pb1. View and download fender elite precision bass i manual online. At the local music store i found an inexpensive bass that was a copy of a gibson eb0. Im not much into playing bass but im sorta learning on this one. The fender precision bass and jazz bass are two of the most popular instruments in the world, used by players in nearly every genre. For sale here is a 100% original 1978 fender precision bass with its original hardshell case. My jv squier pbass 57 weighs 7lbs 15oz, which seems to be pretty light for a precision, and has had the unfortunate knockon effect of making lots of other basses i pick up feel quite heavy and not to my liking.

Both the bass and its case are in excellent condition for their age. Fender precision bass 1978 natural price guide reverb. The original precision bass was introduced in 1951 and had a single coil pickup approximately halfway between the bridge and the end of the fretboard. This pickup uses alnico 5 or alnico 2 rod magnets for a more vintage sound character. Id love to get rid of it but they said its worth 150 bucks and everything ive seen online indicates it may be worth somewhere upwards of 800 to. As the first production model bass guitar, the fender precision bass was an absolutely revolutionary instrument upon its introduction in 1951. Setting ultra low action on fender precision gearslutz. The american original 50s precision bass updates the playability of this groundbreaking instrument while retaining the original sound and style that changed the world. Pdf precision bass electric guitar plan fender cad. It has an older mim pickup in it, but with the bass tuned bead it sounds muddy to my ear. The vintera precision bass vintage style and sound of.

This bass was custom ordered with the much more rare jazz bass a neck profile that is 1 12 wide at the nut. I was from the beginning just a guitarist till a couple of years ago when i joined a band as a bass player. A pdf would be great, or even a scanned jpeg, gif or tiff that we can convert. Description pdf precision bass electric guitar plan fender style. Bass guitar service diagrams if youre repairing or modifying your instrument or simply need some replacement part numbers, these lists and diagrams should help you get started. Unfollow fender precision bass to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. With it thick low end and pin point precision these are still incredibly popular, even to this day. Fender player jazz bass guitar with maple fingerboard. Superb sustain, makes the bass almost playing itself. Drawn clearly on a single ao sheet with all details required including wiring,fret positions,hardware templates even screw sizes. It wouldnt be hard to find some parts bass that has a standard chunky neck on ebay.

The only thing ill say is that i want to swap the pickup and potscap. Fender jazz bass guitars ams american musical supply. When i officially decided to be a bassist my first job was to buy a bass. Did you know that the precision bass was so popular when it came out in. Todays american standard precision bass is the new version of the great instruments of bass heroes past and present. P basses from after the cbs fender buyout of 1965 which brought more of a mass. The fender precision bass was the first mass produced and widely adopted electric bass guitar. A true original, the p bass brought a contoured body, unique splitcoil pickup and wide neck to the masses. Building a 51 fender precision bass in the john anthony.

The model list is, for the most part, of instruments currently in production. Weight of fender precision basses what do you like. The precision or p bass evolved throughout the 50s with changing electronics, body shape, and cosmetic details. Before i officially started playing bass i would often play basses that belonged to friends. Plan to build fender precision electric bass guitar by. The p bass jr has a compact scale length that feels good on the rosewood fingerboard. Analogue bass synthesiser with sequencer rectangular, sawtooth and triangular waveform oscillators, sub oscillator, aggressive low pass band pass filter from the erica synths acidbox, bbd detune effect for particularly dense sounds, noise generator, synchronisable lfo for fm and. The cool thing about electric bass is, the sound is more in your attack than anything else. Remember, the bass strings are bigger so need more space when vibrating. I paid all of 180 bucks for the bass, but spent a bit more on tools to get it set up right. View and download fender custom shop 40th anniversary precision bass manual online.

Fender precision bass guitars are widely regarded as the most popular electric bass in the world and remain one of the most influential guitars ever made commonly referred to as the pbass, fender precision basses feature a strat inspired body for playability and singlecoil pickups for thick bass tones suitable for a range of genres read more. Since their respective release dates, these two basses have maintained a consistent level of popularity along with their fair share of diehard fans. Commanding the lowend, the american ultra jazz bass is fenders most advanced series of basses for discerning players who demand the ultimate in precision, performance and tone. The mexican zone was also available with 5 strings, while the american employed some beautiful exotic timbres. A friend of mine has been getting increasingly dissatisfied with the tone coming from his 2012 mim precision.

P bass thumb rest for fender bass zeromod musical products. Here you may hit a serious problem if the neck tilt w. Fender introduced the precision bass guitar in 1951, and its thick sound and indestructible build changed popular music. The american zones sported a pair of humbuckers and the mexican a pj configuration. Vmod precision bass pickups are modified versions of our classic vintage pickup designs. In its standard, post1957 configuration, the precision bass is a solid body, fourstringed instrument equipped with a single splitcoil humbucking pickup and a onepiece, 20 fret maple neck with rosewood, pau ferro, or maple fingerboard.

Best bass gear is open and accepting online orders, but like most retailers, our shipping and bass tech responses are slower than usual. The p bass jr is built to precision bass standards, with an authentic p bass pickup. I suspect its a case of, now that hes getting better at bass, hes noticing the limitations of his instrument a lot more. The fender precision bass often shortened to pbass is a model of electric bass manufactured by fender musical instruments corporation.

The fender precision bass is a model of electric bass manufactured by fender musical. Later that year, fender introduced the worlds first commercially successful solid body electric bass guitar, the. You can remove your filters and start again or use the previous filter you selected. Jan 26, 2011 near boston south shore area hi all, been milling over the idea of picking up a p bass and adding it to my collection but was hoping to get some thoughts. I have one with a pj setup nd even that doesnt sound anything like a jazz. Drawn at full scale 11 and all dimensions annotated in metric. The precision lytes were replaced by the zone series in 2003.

One of your filters is filtering so well, that no products were found. Precision bass pickups from nordstrand, aguilar, aero, delano and other manufacturers covid19 update. The original precision bass of 1951 was essentially a bass counterpart to the sixstring telecaster and shared several of its design features the main difference being its thenradical double cutaway body. Soon, other guitar manufacturers began making their own electric basses. Fender bass guitars manual american musical supply.

Packed with the fundamental fender bass sound you know and love, these splitcoil pickups use alnico 5 magnets on the treble side and alnico 2 on the bass side to deliver classic tone with all the vintage warmth and crisp, clear sound that made fender a legend. Ive been playing bass guitar for the past 18 years and i always use 4 string bass, i decide to jump for 5 string bass, my first 4 string bass was a byscane imitation of the fender jazz bass, then i upgrade to a yamaha 4 string bass which i love and i was looking for a no expensive 5 string bass to tray out and i see this squire by fender 5 string bass jazz bass, i love the fact that is bigger. Custom shop 40th anniversary precision bass guitar pdf manual download. Elite precision bass i musical instrument pdf manual download. Fender precision bass american pro black mn black, alder body, maple fingerboard, 1963 c neck shape, vmod split singlecoil pickup, himass vintage bridge, incl.

By making playing bass easily accessible, it helped musicians find their creative voice and create new forms of music. However, in 1957 the p bass was redesigned and became the version most of us think of when mentioning a precision a split humbucker bass. View and download fender precision bass owners manual online. Adjust by raising or lowering the saddles using the small allen typically 1 or 1. Fender american ultra precision bass guitar w case, rosewood board, mocha burst see more like this. Tele bass pre 57 precision bass early 50s style pbass single coil pickup with staggered magnets.

Also adaptable for fender vintage style and precision bass bridges. I had a pretty heavy geddy lee jazz for a while that i basically moved on because. Currently looking for a decent jazz bass to complement the pj and my stock precision for a new gig i have. In 1953 the precision bass received contoured edges for comfort while otherwise retaining the existing telecasterlike styling.

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