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Fully waterproof ipx8 can be fully submersed 1 meter of water for up to 30 min although the battery compartment still gets wet if fully submersed and needs to be dried out continuous smooth dimming it dims gradually down or up, rather than fixed lowmedhigh brightness levels. It features 300 lumens, single button functionality, dimming, a battery life indicator, red and white lights, and powertap, which allows you to turn on the light 100% with a single touch. Black diamond 620634 spot 300 lumens headlamp black. Black diamond storm375 headlamp orderable models list of orderable models black diamond storm 375 headlamp, black, bd6206400002all1, mpn. If you have lost or thrown out the cd with the black diamond manual and. In addition, the updated optical efficiency not only provides brighter. In addition to its reliable, precise and powerful beam for spotting anchors or trail cairns, the spots redesigned lighting profile. Black diamond spot on april, 2016 april 12, 2016 by jamison in blogorama 2016, general as i packed for my 50 mile race last weekend i. The spot offers a brightness adjustment feature black diamond calls powertap technology. The black diamond spot meets the requirements of the emc. The current spot will become the new cosmos, which represents a 25 percent increase in light output to 200 lumens from 160. After a brief moment with manual, you can learn everything that you need.

Secondly, when looking at this headlamp, it boasts a durable construction where it is waterproof and submersible up to one meter for 30 minutes. Headlamps, camping lanterns, headlamp light black diamond. The spot 325 also offers peripheral lighting for closerange activities like. It can produce 350 lumens and reach up to 80 meters. Our rugged, fully waterproof workhorse for foul conditions and big adventures, the black diamond storm headlamp now features 350 lumens of power and three different colored night vision modes. To reduce the risk of strangulation, do not place the headlamp straps around your neck. The black diamond storm headlamp is also waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes. It is great for cooking after sunset, walking back to my tent in the dark, writing in my journal before bed, and planning out the next days route. The black diamond spot is a classic, powerful headlamp from an industry leader.

There are no userreplacement parts for this headlamp other than the batteries and elastic headband. For everything else, its waterproof, and comes with a handy lightlock. With a new, compact body, the spot 325 has been redesigned with a lower profile for better balance and is more ergonomic for added comfort. The revolt headlamp can operate using alkaline or black diamond revolt nimh rechargeable batteries.

Black diamond spot 2011 test of the newest black diamond headlamp. Black diamond vs petzl headlamps in particular bd spot vs. Black diamond spot headlamp powell blue bd620621powlall1. Right out of the box, learning how to use its many features is a learning curve.

In terms of hiking, good to know that the headlamp will still be able to perform in bad conditions like heavy rain or if you dropped it into a stream. Featuring 200 lumens of bright, fully adjustable light, the spot also features bds powertap technology, which allows for quick, onthefly brightness adjustments with just a finger tap to the side of the spots touch sensitive housing. The black diamond revolt is a powerful, versatile and rechargeable headlamp that has now been fully redesigned to be completely waterproof, making it adaptable for any nighttime mission. The spot headlamp is black diamonds most popular headlamp for everything from latenight rappels to predawn ski tours. The black diamond spot headlamp has seen a few iterations as a model so it is a successful model that has been tweaked to improve capability, functionality, etc. Powertap technology gives your fingertip the power to dim the lights when youre hunting snipe or shining a spotlight on your camping partner as he tries to sneakily eat. For everything else, its waterproof, and comes with a handy lightlock so the light wont turn on abruptly in your bag and waste the batteries. The black diamond icon headlamps battery meter flashes green when turned on, indicating that the battery is charged. This feature works pretty well, even with gloves on, and it bridges the gap in ease of beam adjustment with the main button. It has a spot and flood mode as well as three different nightmode colours. I recommend reading the instruction manual and checking out the black diamond youtube channel.

The overall lumen output is an example of the ansi optimized runtime, also the new storm is no longer fully regulated headlamp. Im thinking of some car models when i mention that. The mass of the headlamp with headband and battery is a little more than. Black diamond spot 2011 very nice looking headlamp lighttest. Revolt triplepower ledriplepower led aaa x ma x ma imh.

That is normally a good sign as long as it isnt tweaked to the point where you can no longer recognize it. New black diamond storm 2014 the led is definitely not 60% more efficient, about 20% a few percent more or less. Simply insert them into the battery case as shown in illustration 5. Best waterproof headlamp pick the right one headlamp. On high expect several hours before it starts to appreciably dim. The cosmos new, compact body, is more ergonomic with a lower profile for improved balance, and the updated user interface includes a second switch for easy lens selection.

The black diamond storm meets the requirements of the emc electromagnetic compatibility directive 89336eec. Our goto headlamp for everything from midweek dawn patrols to allnight rappelling sessions, the black diamond spot now features an incredible 300 lumens. Black diamond equipment user manuals download manualslib. Black diamond spot headlamp powerful 300 lumen headlamp are you looking for a headlamp that is ideal for hiking, climbing, jogging and skiing. With 200 lumens of power, the revolt easily spots anchors while. Featuring powertap technology, easy onthefly brightness adjustments are literally at the tip of your fingers. Our goto headlamp for everything from midweek dawn patrols to allnight rappelling sessions, the black diamond spot now features an incredible 300 lumens of adjustable light with a fully waterproof construction.

The brightness on the storm runs from a range of 4 lumens to a very respectable 250 lumens. A revamp of biolites headlamp 300, this new version launched just last month is better than ever, boasting a weight loss of nearly an ounce as well as a usb recharge port, versatile lighting. With 225 lumens of power housed in a super compact, waterproof body, the cosmo 225 is perfect for urban adventures and overnighters in the woods. Black diamond spot 325 lumen headlamp trail hiking headlamp. The completely redesigned black diamond spot headlamp keeps the great outdoors visible whether youre trying to figure out your new tent during an afterdark pitching or getting a predawn start on your mountainous adventure. Black diamond spot headlamp 2016 outdoor gear exchange. Supposedly the black diamond spot headlamp is waterproof to one meter. Hiking headlamps with locking onoff switches section.

On a recent hiking trip, i found myself walking alone after dark. Its weight and size appeared unchanged, as does its single control button, unfortunately. In addition to its reliable, precise and powerful beam for spotting anchors or trail cairns, the spot s redesigned lighting profile. Spare parts there are no userreplacement parts for this headlamp other than the batteries and elastic headband. The new spot 325 features a more compact design, updated user interface, and improved multifaceted optical lens design that not only saves battery life but also provides a powerful 325 lumens of light, making it the perfect light for prework dawn patrols, afterdark trail runs and climbing days that. The redesigned lighting profile offers improved peripheral lighting for closerange activities like cooking, reading or sorting gear, and the storm also. The black diamond spot allowed me to see far in the distance and easily find my way around the woods on moonless nights. Top quality, great selection and expert advice you can trust. In early 2019, black diamond released the spot325, a lighter, more powerful headlamp with a few tweaks in performance. Our awardwinning, fullfeatured waterproof headlamp is now lighter, brighter, and. In order to expedite your claim please complete the following form. Black diamond storm375 headlamp, up to 35% off campsaver.

Now, when i was absolutely relying on it, i wasnt sure if i had made the right decision. The spots yellowy, ultrabright led mimics the warm glow of an incandescent bulb, and is deeply nestled in a grooved cone that throws a focused beam almost the length of a football field see. Running on 3 aaa batteries alkaline, lithium, or rechargeables it has a max output of 75 lumen from the main led and is infinitely adjustable down to 4 lumen. It is our testers favorite black diamond headlamp, winner of our editors choice award, and a headlamp we would readily recommend to friend. It wasnt, but i flt a little odd with a piercing spot light on my dehydrated lasagna. I pulled out my black diamond spot and up until this point, i hadnt had to use it. Our most popular headlamp for everything from prework dawn patrols to latenight rappels after a long day, the black diamond spot headlamp now features 200 lumens of power in a waterproof package. The battery case electronics are designed to sense the presence of black diamond revolt nimh rechargeable batteries and it will calibrate the battery meter and light. For midweek dawn patrols, allnight approaches, or just big climbing objectives that push beyond daylight, the black diamond spot 325 has 325 lumens of power, now housed in a smaller, more efficient design. The black diamond storm is a robust and fullfeatured headlamp that offers a bright and wide beam, a fully waterproof enclosure, and excellent optics for both close proximity flood and longdistance spot lighting. Our awardwinning, fullfeatured waterproof headlamp is now lighter, brighter, and smaller. The powertap feature allows touch a spot on the right side of the headlamp to flip the beam strength up or down. Black diamonds revolt has these standard features, but its also rechargeable via usb which is a huge advantage for most backcountry uses. The only downside is that i thought it might be too bright for looking into my cooking pot and eating.

At its lowest setting runtime should be 200 hours or so. Warnings standena responsible adult must supervise use by children under the age of 12 to reduce the risk of strangulation, do not place the headlamp. Along with this, it has all the main features of the other black diamond models we tested, however, it is slightly heavier. I had been debating between petzl vs black diamond, two great headlamps brands. Warnings a responsible adult must supervise use by children under the age of 12. Black diamond spot headlamphead torch with dimming and. I dropped my spot headlamp on a carpeted hotel lobby floor last week, after returning from a posttradeshow night run. Headlamps with locking onoff switches despite the importance of having a locking onoff function on a hiking headlamp, few retailers, including rei. I originally bought the black diamond spot headlamp for use on winter backpacking trips where i need extra light for melting snow after dark, but i like it so much i use it the rest of the year. The black diamond spot headlamp is available in numerous colors for those that love to add some pop. Were here to help and are confident that we can resolve any issues that you may be having with our products. Black diamond spot headlamp, 300 lumens dark area lighting for hands free seeing. The storm is the most powerful of the black diamond models we tested.

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